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  • Flexiroam X is an ultra thin 0.08mm microchip.
  • Apply once on top of your existing SIM to enable data roaming.
  • Offers convenient & secured connectivity.
  • No more hassles of buying and changing SIMs every time you travel.



instant messages
(text only)




photo upload
on social media


voice calls






Don't have to rely on public WiFi

Book a cab straight to your hotel

Skip queues of getting local SIM cards

Have access to more than one mobile network

Apply once & avoid getting another SIM card



+ Inclusive of Complimentary Roaming Data

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Daniel McFarlane

Private Wealth Adviser | PhillipCapital

I used the Flexiroam SIM on the weekend as I was travelling to an area in Victoria with little or no reception for Vodafone users. Over the long weekend I often switched to the Flexiroam X to gain access to mobile data (Twitter, sporting apps, internet etc). I found your product to be very useful and have recommended the app to a number of family & friends.

Dr. Mario Hardy

CEO | Pacific Asia Travel Association

I've been using Flexiroam for a few months now and in several countries around the world. This is the best roaming product I've ever used. Works every time without a glitch and it simplified my travel experience enormously!

Desmond Ngai

Vice President, Strategy & Partnerships | WebTVAsia

I've been using Flexiroam X for my entire month-long trip in Europe, across 5 countries and the service has been seamlessly impressive. I'll never go back to not using this when I travel. It's just so easy, affordable, and saved me hours trying to get a new SIM in each new city.


Yes, you can redeem your XCITE pack and activate in your upcoming trip within 6 Months; starting from redemption date.
Yes, XCITE pack is absolutely free. Only shipping charges applies.
XCITE Data Plan is valid for 30 days days once you press start plan in the App
Any data balance in your XCITE plan will be expire together with the plan. Expired data are not refundable.
Yes, the XCITE pack expires if the pack is not activated within 6 Months of redemption
Payment is by Mastercard or Visa Credit/Debit card. We do not accept Paypal and Amex at the moment.
Shipping cost depends on your delivery country and location. To view, select your shipping country in the redemption page and click on "Shipping type" to view. Alternatively, visit https://www.flexiroam.com/faq#shipping for more shipping details.
Unfortunately, there's no self collection available for this package.
Shipping duration depends on your delivery country/location. Please refer to the estimated delivery period stated on the redemption page.
Yes, order confirmation will be sent to the email address you provided during your redemption.
Shipment confirmation with shipping tracking number will be sent to the email address you provided during your redemption within 2 working days after order confirmation.
There are 5 easy steps to activate your Flexiroam XCITE starter pack. Please click here to download the activation guide.
To start your XCITE data plan in the App, please proceed to your Flexiroam X App, tap "Account" > "My Plans" > Tap "START PLAN". XCITE 30 data validty starts from the Plan start date.
Yes, you can activate your starter pack and start the plan within 6 months starting from the date you linked the starter pack to your account.
No, Flexiroam X microchip has a lifetime validity after activation. It can be reused for your subsequent trips. All you need to do is to purchase a data plan to use the microchip again.
No, XCITE data balance cannot be carried-foward to a new data plan. The 1GB data is valid for 30 days and any remaining data will expire after 30 days validity.
Yes, you can purchase multiple Global or Local data plans while using the XCITE plan.
No, the XCITE data plan cannot be renewed. However, you can choose to purchase other Global or Local data plans from the App.
Yes, you can apply promo or discount codes while using the XCITE plan
Yes, you can refer friends to earn free Global data while using XCITE plan. Purchase a global data plan to use your earned global data.
No, there's no XCITE plan in the App at the moment. You can only purchase Global or Local data plan.
You can view your XCITE data balance in your Flexiroam X App homepage after activation.
You can view the XCITE supported countries in your Flexiroam X App homepage after activation. Tap "XCITE" in the homepage to view.
Yes, Flexiroam X microchip replacement is free. Shipping charges may apply.
No, you must activate your XCITE pack with a new Flexiroam X App account.
No, the 1GB XCITE data plan is pre-loaded in the pack. The data is not transferable.
No, there's no refund after payment is confirmed. Please visit https://www.flexiroam.com/terms for more details on our terms & conditions of use.
Any Flexiroam X user with an active plan is eligible to redeem the 20MB complimentary inflight WiFi. Flexiroam users with the Global Data Plan are eligible to exchange their Global Data for Scoot Inflight WiFi sessions.
This promotion will run for as long as there is a valid contract between Flexiroam and Scoot. Please contact support@flexiroam.com for further inquiries.
In-Flight WiFi is available in all Scoot WiFi Enabled Aircrafts (Boeing 787 Dreamliners). Please visit https://www.flyscoot.com/en/fly-scoot/onboard/wifi for more details.
All eligible users will get Free 20MB complimentary Inflight WiFi on their first redemption.
No, the Free 20MB complimentary Inflight WiFi is for one time redemption. However, you can exchange your Active Flexiroam X data balance for Inflight WiFi.
20 MB Wi-Fi plan surfing speed limit is at 64kbps and great for messaging and texting
There are 5 easy steps to redeem:
  1. Login in to your Flexiroam X Application before boarding the aircraft.
  2. Go to Account > Inflight WiFi > Scoot > Visit > Redeem .
  3. Copy or screenshot your Inflight WiFi session redemption code.
  4. Go to www.scootwifi.com enter the code to redeem.
  5. Turn ON WiFi to use
We strongly advise to redeem after boarding. However, you may redeem your Inflight WiFi anytime. Be sure to take a screenshot of the activation code for reference.
If you have successfully redeemed and lost your in-Flight activation code, please visit http://go.flexiroamx.com/adam/index.html for help.
Flexiroam is not entitled to exchange or provide another complimentary session for any unutilized sessions. Hence, any unutilized session will be forfeited.
In-Flight Wifi can only be activated when onboard and is available in WiFi Enabled Aircrafts. Please check if you have an active data plan. Also, check if you have Start your data plan in Flexiroam X App MY Plan page.
No, In-Flight WiFi does not support tethering/hotspot.
Your in-Flight WiFi session will be disconnected. Do not worry! You can still exchange your Active Flexiroam X global data balance for Inflight WiFi. Follow the activation steps in question 7 to activate.
No, data roaming is not required for in-Flight WiFi. All you need is to turn ON your mobile WiFi to connect.
No, you only need your Flexiroam X App and active Xcite-TGW or Global data plan to activate the in-Flight WiFi.
You may ask any of the cabin crew for help. Alternatively, contact support@flexiroam.com